Black Beach Advertisement Packages/Prices 2012


What separates the visitor of this site and other sites, is our visitors and community members are the organizer for their groups. They research and find the best deals, locations, and parties for their Friend and Family. They are the early birds who book a hotels in advance, and purchase party passes in advance. The community is active, and member have been going for year, and it's a yearly traditions. This is the crowd you want to reach!! And no other advertising source can give you that!!.

Our goal isn't to get in between you and Attendants, it's to help you reach visitor early, and Pre Sale Hotel Rooms, and Party Passes early helping to save our community money, and increase you advance bookings. Compared to other less targeted advertising sources our prices's are dirt cheap.

The only reason we are starting this system is to subsidize the time spent dealing with party promoter wanting more exposure for their event, and dealing with hotels wanting more exposure for their hotel.

For non Events or Lodging Related Advertising please use Google Adsense. View our Google Ad Planner Profile , or our Quantcast Profile . We use 728x 90, 300x250, 336x280, and 468 x 60 ad sizes and we have targetable ad zones. But note, Google Adsense exposure is reduces as the events approaches.

For more information contact us by email @