Pelican Executive Suites

Pelican Executive Suites - Urban Beach Week

5227 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33016
Urban Beach Week Prices (250.00 - 300.00)

Phone 1-800-780-5733 Promo Code: 337435

Pelican Executive Suites Description
Welcome to Pelican Suites, providers of luxury furnished apartments in Miami Beach. When you are in need of great, quality housing in Miami Beach, and you want a little extra luxury in your day, this is the place to go. We offer much more than your average hotel, and our properties offer seperate as well as multiple bedrooms, full kitchens and more than one bathroom - unlike what you see in most hotels. In most instances pets are welcomed as well, and the privacy provided by Pelican Suites makes for the ideal package for those looking to house two or more families, or a large group of people. Bring your colleagues, family, or even your children. Either way Pelican Suites is the best solution for long- and short-term stays in Miami Beach. Quality housing and perfect location go hand in hand with our top-notch services!

Pelican Executive Suites Check In/Out times During Urban Beach Week

Check in time is 3:00 PM
Check out time is 11:00 AM
42  rooms. 
17  floors. 

Pelican Executive Suites Room Types

Spacious suite 1 bedroom
Spacious fully furnished suite,1 bedroom, kitchen, corinthian counters,2 parking spaces. Huge balconies. Electricity, water, cable included.
Spacious suite 2 bedrooms
Spacious suite,2 bedrooms, kitchen, corinthian counters, flat stove,2 parking spaces. Huge balconies. Electricity, water, cable included.

Call for Hotel Information
Call 24 Hours a Day 1-800-780-5733 Promo Code: "337435"


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