Passport for Out of Country Travel

If you want to travel Outside of the country to some Black Events you will need a passport.

You Need a Passport to Travel to:
  • Tom Joyner Cruise
  • Cancun Needs a Passport
  • Jamacia Needs a Passport
  • Remember Urban Fiesta Doesn't need a Passport
  • And Toronta Cariban Needs a Passport "yes you need a passport to get into canada".

You should get it as soon as possible, don't let a last minute passport issue stop you from making you trip. If you owe money to the government you passport might not be allowed, find out early. things like child support could stop you.

To get a passport you must:
  • 1. complete the form DS-11
  • 2. Submit Proof of Citizenship
  • 3. Have some ID
  • 4. Have a passport photo "yeah you got to take your own"
  • 5. Pay the Fee
There are some place they can expediate the process.
So shop around!
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